From Bench to Production: Scale-up faster using Digital Twins!

Webinar Description:

In the biopharmaceutical industry, scaling-up complex biological operations is often riddled with constraints on time, material and human resources. This is further compounded by the trial-and-error approach typically used in such situations.

Digital Twins offer a powerful solution to these challenges by efficiently combining process development data with fundamental knowledge.

Join our exclusive webinar “From Bench to Production: Scale-up faster using digital twins” in which we will demonstrate how a Digital Twin, when built with the correct set of ingredients, can completely ensure that scale-up is done right first time, every time.

This will be the 2nd Episode of our exclusive webinar series which is dedicated to scale-up strategies for the BioPharma industry. In this Webinar, Mr. Prerak Dongaonkar, Lead Data Scientist at Tridiagonal Software, who has successfully deployed scale-up specific Digital Twins for many of our biopharma clients, will discuss how Digital Twins are revolutionizing the way scaleup is done.

Date: 26th June 2024

Time: 9.00 AM CST

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  • What is a Digital Twin and how to build a useful one
  • Industrial Use-case of a Digital Twin in Bioprocess.
  • Q&A session 

Why you must attend:

  • Learn to optimize resources while maintaining accuracy
  • Explore processes to create Digital Twin
  • Learn to enhance control design and system monitoring
  • Gain process insights.
  • Resolve your queries with our expert speaker.