SimSight: The Knowledge Management System for Computational Models & Simulation Data

Extract, Store and Deploy simulation-derived product/process knowledge. 

An App Environment for better decision making

Engineers perform many powerful simulations to analyze the product/process equipment used in their organizations

However, the process knowledge obtained from these simulations cannot be fully leveraged due to a number of gaps in knowledge management …

As a result, the enterprise-wide technology community loses access to these insights.

To minimize all these challenges Tridiagonal Software introducing SimSight – A Knowledge Management System that can seamlessly Extract, Store and Deploy simulation-derived process knowledge 

What is SimSight?

SimSight is a Knowledge Management System for computational models

Powerful Knowledge Database in SimSight

  • Empowers engineers to seamlessly curate and store science-driven knowledge from data generated by computer simulations

SimSight’s flexible and versatile “App Environment” enables engineers to

  • Extract product and/or process insights from computer simulation data (generated using Ansys Fluent, S iemens CCM+, M-Star, Comsol etc.)
  • Quickly and easily deploy science-driven knowledge to accelerate product design & development, process development and manufacturing operations

SimSight is fully browser-enabled and can be enterprise-deployed on-prem (or on cloud platforms) with a lean and flexible architecture.

Why SimSight ?

– One single repository for all your simulation-generated knowledge.

– Product and/or process insights generated using computer models and simulations can now be easily curated and re-used.

– Cumbersome excel sheets and unwieldy presentation decks can be replaced with a single solution to manage knowledge

– “Apps” can be easily developed and deployed to support highly specific use-cases like process design, scale-up and tech-transfer, operations support etc.

SimSight is enterprise-deployable – so the entire engineering community in your company can consume the deep insights generated using computer simulations easily and quickly.

Where is SimSight - A Knowledge Management System Used?

  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnology Research
  • Oil & Gas
  • Automotive
  • Food & Beverages
  • Personal Care

Who should use SimSight - A Knowledge Management System?

  • Simulation Engineer
  • Modeling Engineer
  • Simulation Analyst
  • CFD Analyst
  • Simulation Scientist
  • Process Engineer

Extract and efficiently store

science-driven knowledge from data generated by computer simulations

Identify trends and patters

in-historical process data using fundamental knowledge


to support decision making


process/product development

Ensure reliable process

operations and asset utilization