Harnessing the power of fundamentals and simulations-based process understanding, SimSight helps you cut down upto 30% of experimentation time, accelerate scale-up/transfer and eliminate wastage of material. …all with an extremely intuitive interface and simple workflows. Consider the last mile in process understanding-delivered….

What is Process Understanding (and why should I care about it)?

Chemical manufacturing processes in innovation-driven industries like pharmaceuticals are inherently complex in nature. In such industries, the traditional “quality-by-testing” approach of trial-and- error is being replaced by a more scientific approach spanning discovery, development and manufacturing.

Process Metrics - The Key To Process Understanding

Process metrics (PMs) are physical variables that describe some aspect of the internal environment of a unit operation. For instance, in an agitated vessel bioreactor, the shear rate near the impeller is a PM with specific reference to oxygen transfer.

Generally speaking, maintaining these PMs at the same (or nearly same) values across scales is a necessary condition for maintaining product quality and process performance during scale-up or scale-down.

Asset Digitalization For Succesful Process Transfer

Asset digitalization is an important step in determining the process performance capability of a given unit operations equipment. It enables the systematic utilization of process understanding to drive successful fundamentals-based development / transfer.